How to Hire a Corporate Blogger for Your Company Blog

Back in the late 2000s nearly every corporation began implementing company blogs as part of online marketing strategy. But most companies weren’t sure how to use their company blog. Was it a repository for press releases? A place to share personal stories from the CEO or other workers? A venue for debuting new products and features? A replacement for print advertising? By 2010 the book Corporate Blogging for Dummies made its debut, confirming that corporate blogging has officially made it as part of business writing.

Writing Company Blog Posts

There is no one-size-fits-all strategy for how corporations handle blogging. Some businesses have editorial staff who handle the writing. Others leave it up to marketing and advertising. In many cases it’s a college intern who blogs, spinning press releases as edgy blog posts. Effective corporate blog strategy involves having a unified theme and an approach that sticks to the core values of the company. Today trend of hiring white label copywriting services have become very common that play amazing role.

You wouldn’t let just anyone send out a press release about a new account or a stock price change; why should the college sophomore with great writing skills have the responsibility for corporate branding online on his or her shoulders? Hiring an experienced, qualified business writer with corporate blogging skills is vital once your company has a strong sense of purpose for the company blog.

 What is a Corporate Blogger?

Any business writer can call him or herself a “corporate blogger,” and the term has no set meaning. Some qualities to look for in hiring a freelance blogger include:

  • experience in the field
  • great contacts available for quotes
  • knowledgeable about latest trends in the industry
  • superior writing skills
  • able to connect disparate ideas to form a network of thought
  • flexible enough to react to unexpected business news changes

You’re not just looking at hiring someone with a great personal blog that chronicles the person’s chess games or foodie tendencies; you want an experienced industry professional with skills in:

  • social media
  • content creation in your field
  • writing
  • journalism

For instance, if you need a corporate blogger for a company that specializes in iPhone apps, don’t hire someone who has no technical knowledge of the iPhone. Need someone who can blog about Electronic Medical Records and HIPAA issues? You need someone with that experience.

Average Rates for Corporate Bloggers

Most companies can expect to pay between $.30 per word to $1 per word, with the most experienced writers with established reputations in your industry commanding the $1 per word rate. Expect to pay an average of $120 to $400 for a typical 400-word blog post.

You can find bloggers presenting themselves as “corporate bloggers” for less. Be certain to vet their experience and skills, and to check all references. Your company blog is your branding; an undereducated blogger can unravel months or even years of careful marketing strategy in the course of a few weeks of poorly-conceived pieces.

How to Find Company Blog Writers

The best place to start is in-house. If you already have an editorial department, ask around. You might be surprised to find that some existing writers and editors have blogging experience. Technical writers on staff can be great choices as well if the corporate blog will be more technical in nature or more of a “how to” informational blog.

If you need to hire out of house, think about former employees who now consult. Use word of mouth before moving on to a cold hire.

Some simple online job and contract writing sites are your best bet for cold hires. Try…

  • LinkedIn
  • JournalismJobs
  • ProBlogger
  • MediaBistro

…to find a pool of highly-qualified freelance writers who can handle the type of corporate blogging you’re looking for. Use Craigslist as a last resort – you’ll receive a wave of applications from qualified and unqualified writers, with an 80/20 split. Sorting through the hundreds of unqualified resumes to find one gem isn’t the most productive use of your time.

Ask for links to the company blog writer’s existing work, and check references and LinkedIn. When it’s time to hire, clearly state whether you feel that subcontracting is acceptable; some corporate bloggers, as business owners, have other writers who handle overflow.

The point of a corporate blogging strategy is to engage readers, improve website exposure, and to extend your brand. Knowing how to hire a corporate blogger to find the right person to mesh with your company blog strategy is crucial.