What To Expect During cin7 Training

cin7 was founded in 2012 in New Zealand as a cloud-based inventory management system for retailers, wholesalers, and e-commerce platforms like Walmart and Amazon. cin7 training is required before using this inventory solution so that you can understand and master the effectiveness of all its features. 

With an automated POS inventory control, users can streamline and manage workflows from a central location. It’s effective because it allows over 100 third-party apps integration. Let’s look at the key features of the cin7 inventory management system

Inventory management

It’s a useful feature in the automation process, making inventory adjustments and accessing real-time information on products and vendors from a centralized and integrated dashboard. When you hire a cin7 trainer, you’ll be trained to use this feature to boost your business performance and customer interaction. Inventory management is also used for the implementation of barcode scanners for tracking stocks and product bundles.

Order management

While on cin7 training, you can learn how to use this feature as it helps in the automation of the implementation bot. This allows a streamlined workflow as it also links/integrates with eCommerce platforms, EDI retailers and 3PLs to ensure order fulfillment. It also sends a notification for purchase orders to suppliers.

B2B E-commerce

Customers can customize their order details through this feature by categorizing products based on colors, bundles, sizes, and other metrics to ensure 100% satisfaction. The integrated inventory gives real-time information on the available stock level.

Order fulfillment

Any eCommerce that’s getting started won’t know how to ensure order fulfillment with the proper inventory management system, However, you can hire a cin7 trainer to enlighten you on the specific feature and operations of this system. You can receive, track and pick one or more purchase orders based on the list you’ve sorted. You can track your stocks using batch or serial numbers and implement the stock-taking process.

Report and forecasting

Report generation is another essential feature of cin7. It’s generated in an interactive and intuitive dashboard populated with real-time updates and visibility on all workflow levels. Customize reports and easily access order history.


There is so much to learn about cin7, the knowledge you can only get when you consider cin7 training. Another lesson you’ll learn from the training involves using cin7 features like Built-in EDI, Payment portal, point of sale, amazon integration, and sales quoting. Finally, we are dedicated to ensuring our clients are equipped with enough knowledge from our qualified cin7 trainer.

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