software & Integration

Best Practices In Software & Integration

More than 80% software projects do to successful because of many reasons like over or late budget, missing functions and wrong combinations. About, 30% projects are failed due to the bad execution. Developers cancel these projects before its completion. These are formed with the modern technology like JAVA, J2FEE and XML. The best practices for the software & Integration are given below.

software & Integration

  1.       Test-first programming
  2.       Regular and rigorous refactoring
  3.       continuous integration
  4.       Pair programming
  5.       shares single coding standard
  6.       Single coding standard

Special skills are needed to develop custom software. It is vital to follow these practices to make your project successful.

·         Development Method

It is important to choose the suitable method of lifecycle promotion to the projects at hands. There are several choices in this regards like Rational Unified Process, Global Services Method IBM, eXtreme programing. It is the process that works into several phases to increase design, product management and project management. Cloud migration is popular as the life cycle of the software development. The use of the agile technology in this method plays a vital role. Some of the significant steps are involved in this development procedure.

  •         Deployment
  •         Maintenance
  •         Testing
  •         Coding or implementation
  •         Requirement analysis and gathering
  •         Design

For different iterative and incremental software development procedures the term agile development is very common. The extreme programing, crystal Scrum, Dynamic system development method, lean development and feature driven development are the most famous procedures of the agile technology.

·         Codes Construction

As per the code quality analysis, it is designed for the all business uses. The suitable codes construction is helpful to know which code is fast, big or slow. You can choose it for

  •         Effective documentation
  •         Walkthroughs, code reviews
  •         Version control and source code
  •         Change management
  •         Regular QA checks
  •         Business design procedure and effective technical
  •         Effective planning and technical planning procedure

·         Architecture

Choosing the appropriate architecture for the application is the key to get the successful product. In case of any issues, the IBM reviews the projects in the development of the software. An architect of the software is accountable to select or create the most suitable structure for the systems. It is vital to focus on the best practices to develop custom software. It provides the suitable function as per the stakeholders needs gets the required results under the given constraints and satisfies the business needs. It intends a creative idea that utilizes as a basis for the mutual understandings, negotiation, consensus and communication.