Best Free Construction Business Software Review

Construction industry software integrates building cost estimation, construction scheduling, house design, project bidding, planning, construction accounting and financial software. They could be proprietary integrated information management solutions that cost thousands of US dollars, or free and open source tools for small or medium construction companies.

Top Commercial Construction Business Project Management, Cost Estimating, Scheduling, Accounting, and Bid Software Programs

Best construction software companies usually provide fully-featured commercial solutions for medium and large building construction companies. The concept of business apps also take place when it comes to construction business software.

For example, Viewpoint Construction Software is a building contractor system that integrates heavy civil construction, highway construction, factory construction, enterprise construction, general residential construction, specialty construction, construction accounting, building cost estimating, and construction bidding software. Their users are big construction firms such as road construction companies and civil construction builders.

At the same time, leading project management software companies also provide their software for home construction and real estates project management.

For example, Sage Timberline Office Construction Software covers the functions of construction project management and rental property management.

Free and Open Source Construction Industry Software Solutions Review and Comparison

On the other hand, there are a lot of kinds of construction freeware or open source software available for download in Internet. They include:

  • Kordil AcadTRK is a free and open source CAD application for construction sites surveying or land surveying. It is based on AutoCAD and helps construction related users do their works efficiently.
  • Easy Time Tracking free construction software edition is a simple and easy-to-use time management and customer billing application. It can be used as construction scheduling software or construction contractors software, helping construction companies track the time that each contractor or employee spent on each task, and know the hours they need to bill for. It also calculates expenses and profits of each project and each customer. At the same time, Easy Time Tracking can be used as scheduling and planning software for IT developers, custom home builders, web site designers, construction engineers, accountants, lawyers, technical support teams, financial advisors, etc. It has Pro editions priced at tens of US dollars.
  • Suite is free steel construction software that provides simple calculator for construction materials and cost estimating. With this freeware users can calculate steel consumption to estimate construction price. This freeware is available for download in many software web sites.
  • PromOffice Euroremont is free construction expenses software for building, repairing and reinforcement. It helps construction estimators track works, materials, defects, and costs.
  • Bid2Build is residential construction cost estimating software that has interface similar to Microsoft Office and can used for other purposes such as insurance estimating and home remodeling projects.

Free construction software programs are simple, flexible, and easy to use. They help small and medium construction companies improve their productivity and efficiency at low cost.